Spiritual Moon Gathering -The last Spiritual Moon-

Spiritual Moon Gathering -The last Spiritual Moon-のステータス



≪ One Love Stage (Day/Evening) ≫
--- Opening ---
dD 望月 (冨士山みそぎや 聖徳寺)
--- Lineup ---
a-fank syndicate
DRMU (twinetrax US)
Oharu Unity
Takeru Anbassa

Stage MC:宴師大地

≪ Spiritual Dojo Stage (Night) ≫
--- Live ---
ヘンタイ カメラマン
Quip Tone Beatz (Pukkawallah)
Suzi (Pukkawallah/Spiritual Moon)
Tommy (Spiritual Moon)
Prohecht (Grasshopper)
--- Lineup ---
Spiritual Moon last dance Secret DJ (... Records/... JP)

≪ Spiritual Moon Stage ≫
--- Lineup ---
テンパる子 (Active)
Dentalow (Active/FullMoon Rec.)
Forzz (Biijah Rec/Sixth Sense)
Grape (bluemoon)
Gussan (peace)
hen男子 (Active/Spiritual Tribe)
Hide (Milega Records/Plaqza)
Lui (Psyvader)
Madsaru (AGARTHA/Good Vibes)
Morrieo (Parvati Records/CATANA)
Rom (DSP/Milega Records)
TP (Pukkawallah recs/Spiritual Moon)

≪ Spiritual Sun Stage ≫
--- Lineup ---
π (psycorearth)
5udo (Spiritual Moon/BR)
aL (Beat Conductor)
Carlos (Club Rocks/Spiritual Moon)
Fernando (Spiritual Moon/BR)
Gou (Open Records/Orbit)
Gyro (ポータラルカ)
Kaol (空の音)
Konari (DNT Sound)
Nanchan (MUGEN Productions)
neo skruff (Bristol/UK)
SHIHO (Appreciate)
Thinker (Mystic Stylez/Servia)
TXY (Bassboss Subwoofer Set/bluemoon)
YU-I (Orbit)
TP (Pukkawallah Records/Spiritual Moon)

and more...



More info Updating soon !

3 stages
(3 palcos: bandas e live digitais, electro e full on, dark e forest em ambientes separados)

[ 前売りチケット ]

[ 出店募集中 ]
Artesanatos -¥10.000 com 2 passes inclusos
Comidas - ¥15.000 com 3 passes inclusos
Food and Goods Stands please apply by email.
Para colocar Barracas de comidas e artesanato mande requerimento por email.
→ spiritualmoon.gathering@outlook.com

[ 関連リンク / Related Links ]
■ Facebook event page

[ サイトルール / Site rules ]
※ゴミ、ビン類について八曽の里キャンプ場にはゴミ箱は一切常設しておりません。出したゴミは各自責任を持って持って帰るのはもちろん落ちているゴミは見つけ次第みんなで片付けフロアを綺麗な状態にしましょう‼︎ 自然とパーティーシーンにリスペクトを持ちゴミ0でお願いします! ビン類の持ち込みは基本的にお断りしています。割れると片付けが困難な他小さな子供達が裸足で歩いてケガを防止するという意味もあります。
* The entrance to the campsite is closed between the hours of midnight and 6am in consideration of local residents.
* Although local residents have been made aware of the event, please avoid passing close to nearby houses after 9pm to prevent any disturbance to those living nearby.
* To lower the possibility of disturbance to local residents please arrive at the venue as early as you can.
* For those arriving at night, after reaching the area of the campsite please act responsibly and keep local residents in mind until you have entered the venue.
* When you see a sign marked Hasso no Sato Campsite 「八曽の里キャンプ場」you have reached the venue. Please ensure that music is turned off at this point. Also, please be aware that even the sound of talking can travel far at night. Once in the venue you won’t have to worry!
* There are no bins or facilities to dispose of trash within the campsite. Please take any trash away with you, and if you see any on the ground please pick it up and take it with you. Let’s leave the venue as we found it. Your cooperation is appreciated. Please don’t bring glass bottles into the venue. Breakages are particularly difficult to clear up and as there may be children with bare feet this will help us to prevent possible injury.
* Tent area and bathing facilities: In parts of the tent site there are a lot of stones so you are advised to use a mattress or the like for comfort. It is not possible to reserve particular sections of the site so please arrive early to secure a spot. Bathing facilities are available but access is limited to certain times. Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel are provided in both the male and female washing areas. Please use responsibly.
* Barbecues and fires: There are facilities for barbecues within the campsite. Open fires are not permitted. The facilities for barbecues take a number of forms, but generally seating is provided. Please bring a mesh grill, charcoal, firelighters and tongs. As we cannot loan or sell barbecue equipment during the event please ensure you have enough to last. Although usually you would be able to buy kindling and firewood at the campsite this is not possible for the duration of the event. There may be sources of firewood on site but please do not take wood without permission.

[ 注意事項/Notice ]
※ケンカ、暴力行為及びイベントの妨げとなる行為の当事者、他のお客様の迷惑となる方は退場していただきます. Anyone engaging in violent, disruptive or intimidating behaviour, or
※会場内・外にて発生した事故・盗難等について主催者・会場・出演者は一切責任を負いません。The event organisers, venue staff and performers cannot be held responsible for
※歩きたばこや混雑したエリアでの喫煙はお控えください。喫煙される方は携帯灰皿を必ずご用意ください。 。
* Bringing dangerous items, including items prohibited by law into the venue is strictly forbidden. Drinking and driving is strictly prohibited.
* behaving in any way likely to cause trouble for other partygoers will be required to leave the venue immediately.
* any accidents or instances of theft either inside or outside the venue.
* Any vehicles parked on public roads near the venue will be reported to the police.
* Please refrain from smoking while walking or in confined areas. The use of portable ashtrays is strongly encouraged.
* Be sure to take home all trash. Leave nothing behind.
We appreciate your cooperation in making this event a clean and enjoyable time for all.

[ 八曽の里キャンプ場 ]
TEL: 0572-44-7748
WEB: www.hassonosato.com

Spiritual Moon Gathering -The last Spiritual Moon- フライヤー

2019/5/18 12:00 -
八曽の里キャンプ場 ( 岐阜 )
Advance (※300Limited):¥5,000